My Journey as a Virtual Assistant by Tammy Nortier



I am going to start this by saying that I feel extremely blessed and grateful to be able to do what I do and will strive to always go above and beyond in my work to ensure the client is happy, content and that their business is looked after.

I started my work-from-home career as a very entry level transcriber doing small jobs here and there, really whatever I could pick up and the pay left plenty to be desired. I made it my mission to get in contact with as many transcription companies as I could, both locally and abroad, and I also made it my mission to go and read blogs about transcription, started re-learning the English language if you will so as to ensure my end product was of a top notch standard. I am now proud to say that after nearly 4 years of doing this, I am working for a few of the top international names in transcription on a freelance basis and that all due to me having the desire to do more, be more, give more.

Now, how did I land up with VA Connect? Well I knew that there was more to learn and more that I could do from home and more I could offer, and since admin, being organized, learning and providing superb customer service is my passion I felt the next logical step would be looking into becoming a virtual assistant. I had seen so many articles and blogs on this career path and thought, “Why not? Why shouldn’t I try?” so when I happened upon VA Connect via a Facebook friend, ah yes the lovely power of social media, I thought to myself that this may be my answer and although I may not have incredible superpower skills I do have something to offer and I am a very fast learner, eager learner and always try to have a ‘can do’ attitude when approaching anything. After I spoke with the lovely Karen I guess the rest you could say is history and I have now being with VA Connect for round about six or seven months and I cannot even begin to list all the valuable knowledge and skills I have gained during this time.

I work for two amazing clients, both so different which makes most of my days so varied and interesting, I mean who wouldn’t love this right? Some of the skills I have gained thus far is a far more intermediate or even slightly expert level of Excel (something which I was not very strong in at all in the past), I have taught myself on various online packages such as Xero, Stripe, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Convertkit, most of these I had never heard of before and now I am utilizing them daily to ensure my clients businesses run smoothly and efficiently. I have become even more au fait with social media, event planning, diary management, client appointments, business related interviews and so much more. I really do love what I do and the fact that most days are not the same it makes it a little more exciting.

Why do I love working from home as a VA and a transcriber? Well that’s simple really, who wouldn’t like to work from the comfort of their bed in their PJ’s every now and again? Okay, seriously though, I love the flexibility it provides me with, the challenges, the new things I learn each day and of course I would say the main reason I started working from home in the first place is to have more time with my family, especially my son and now soon to be second son on the way.

As a VA I will endeavor to give my all to ensure that my client’s needs are met and exceeded. I look forward to many more months and years with VA Connect and to assist more and more people in the operation of their business.

Thank you.

Tammy Nortier

VA to the max