Your Small Business needs a Virtual Assistant, today

Depending on their experience and willingness to learn, a Virtual Assistant can take your small business to the next step.

The funny thing is the Virtual Assistant concept was created to assist small businesses or start ups with a cheaper alternative to permanent staff but today I think most Virtual Assistant’s are employed by large corporate that can see the value of using a Virtual Assistant.

The reason for this is because most business owners still believe in old school methods.

The hardest thing to do is to convince a small business owner that we are not fly by night ghosts who wants to get our hands on your company’s info and disappear into the night.  Hopefully by reading the points below you will be more perceptive to what we do and how we are the next logical step in your business.

No running costs

With a Virtual Assistant you don’t need a desk for them; you’re not paying for their internet or stationery.  This also means you don’t even have to have an office.  You can conveniently run a professional looking business without all the overheads.


If you make use of an online support platform for your clients, hiring a Virtual Assistant in a different time zone assures that your clients receive support 24 hours a day.  No permanent employee can offer you that.

The missing half

Sometimes you only need ‘half’ of an employee.  There is too little work for two people but too much for one person so having a Virtual Assistant alleviates some of the pressure on your full time employees.

Outsourcing smaller tasks

Outsourcing smaller, less crucial tasks frees up time to do more important work.  Smaller tasks include things like looking for affordable flights and accommodation, sending a birthday gift to a client.  The list is endless.

No messing about

With a Virtual Assistant you absolutely get what you pay for.  You don’t pay for our coffee breaks, Facebook time, lunch time and leave days as you would with a full time employee.  It’s pure work, which makes a Virtual Assistant the most efficient ‘employee’ you can have.


A Virtual Assistant’s work is their livelihood, their business. Quality and efficiency is non negotiable for them.  Word of mouth is also a very important marketing tool for them, so bad reviews are avoided at all costs.

Do your homework before choosing a Virtual Assistant.  See if you can contact references and find out more about the potential candidate.  I believe a good Virtual Assistant will have a prominent internet presence.

Most Virtual Assistants offer a ‘starter package’ so you can ‘try them out’.  Make use of this to ease your mind.  With the technology of today you can speak or even see your Virtual Assistant everyday so it doesn’t just have to be a name on a PC screen.

Try it; you will be amazed at how much value a Virtual Assistant can bring to your business.