As my greatest role model this is who I aspire to be

This blog was the most challenging things I have ever had to write about.  How does one put into words how one really feels about one’s mother without sounding like fake news!

Celebrating inspirational woman in your life

The object of this blog was to celebrate an inspirational woman in your life.  One of the most important women in my life is my mother.  In my eyes, she is everything I strive to be.  A lady, beautiful both inside and out and an example to any woman who wants to be known for her grace, her beauty, compassion and love of life.  This is the woman that I am blessed and proud to call my mom.  Having always been very close I never knew anything other than a relationship with no secrets and but where giggles and laughter ring through the air, even when times have been tough and relationships have been strained.

Growing up, my mother always told me that women are resilient and can do anything they put their minds to, purely because they are women.  This has always been tucked away in the back of my mind and it makes me push myself harder to prove myself and make her proud.   In her eyes, I have always been perfect!  When times get tough and I find myself struggling, I close my eyes and think “I can do this, I do not need anyone and I will get through this simply because I am a woman, my mother’s child”.

Lessons to be learned

My mother always told me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that people need to look past the exterior and look inside the soul of the person to know what type of person they truly are.  I have prided myself in making sure that I see the person not just the outside.  A lesson taught to me by a very wise woman.

I get very emotional writing about my mother as I do not know how to accurately express what she means to me.  I have always been sublimely confident in her love.  There have been times in my life when I was reminded of her sacrifices so that her family could have, of her silent tears and heartaches that she kept from the world to make sure that she provided a happy, secure and loving home to nurture her family.

The role of a mother

Being a mother is a job that one takes very seriously. Despite the tremendous responsibility that it carries, the love and joy that is brings must never be forgotten.  No matter the age you are, you will always be your mother’s child.  They say that when one is born the most important bond that is formed, is the one between mother and child, a bond that is formed for life, it will mould you into the person you will become.  Well, I think that I hit the jackpot I have been truly blessed to call her my mother and my best friend.  I love you ma!