How do I work less, keep my business pumping and feel good about it?

Have you ever wished you could take a holiday from your business over the Festive Season but then worry about what will happen? Let me tell you how best to use a Virtual Assistant this December!

This is the answer to the age-old questions that business owners have every year when things start winding down and family and friends are planning their December holidays. How can I afford to take a holiday? What will happen to my business if I go away? What will my clients think if I don’t reply to their queries? How can I keep things going while working so many less hours? How do I deal with the stress of my December business goals and spend time with my family? Let me tell you, you need to hire a Virtual Assistant and here’s why.

I have worked in various companies and businesses over the years that had to take the difficult decision of whether or not to close over the December Festive Season. One of the main reasons that most owners felt compelled to close is that they couldn’t expect their staff to work through December when they would be off on holiday. That would make them feel bad. But, on the other hand, business is business and so many businesses need to be open to service their clients and meet their customers’ needs during this time. On the contrary, so many businesses do a pumping trade in December as so many of their clients have the free time to come in and spend, call for a service or get things done that they don’t usually have time for during the year.

So, what to do? How can you have the best of both worlds: Give your support staff time off, take a holiday with your family yourself, while still having your business operational? Here’s your answer – hire a Virtual Assistant to hold the fort for you!

Although there is no-one that can replace you as the owner of your business, you can use the services of an experienced, competent and efficient VA. You and your support staff can take a much-deserved break and your Virtual Assistant can take care of heaps of things for you while you are away.

As a starting point, your phones will still be answered. This can cover your office phones and even your mobile phone. Clients can feel like there is someone on the other end ready to assist them, send them what they need or help them resolve a query or a problem. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing worse than getting the dreaded answering machine when you are trying to get service or help with a problem!

The same goes for your emails. Let your Virtual Assistant stand in for you and get back to each and every client right away. No more “Out of Office” auto responses sent to your clients that just end up making them angry and wishing they were away on holiday instead of you!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up your Virtual Assistant and confirm that wonderful holiday booking you have been dying to make – you won’t be sorry!