9 Fun Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant can help you get your job done, but she can also help you achieve a work-life balance. Here are 9 fun things to outsource to a VA:

1. Plan and organize your next vacation 

You most probably don’t have the time to plan your holidays and wish someone could do it for you. Give this task to your VA. Not only will it be fun for her to complete, but you can use the extra time to do something more important such as responding to clients.

2. Record and transcribe your meetings

Fee like zoning out at meetings but scared you’ll miss important information? Have a VA record and then transcribe your meetings so that you can relax during meetings without the fear of missing the details.

3. Order gifts for birthdays and special occasions 

It’s becoming more difficult to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Automatic services are great, but even my little sister knows they’re automated and not personal. To keep that personal touch, outsource this task to your VA. Have her construct personal cards and messages to send to your network.

4. Tweet on your behalf 

The key to success on Twitter is to engage with your audience. Engagement doesn’t mean dumping a bunch of automated tweets either, it means actively responding and tweeting on topics that matter to you. You can outsource this task to a VA. She will enjoy chatting with people online and finding out what’s trending in the world. Just make sure to let her know what’s important to you as well as what your personal tone is when it comes to writing so that it’s not obvious that you’re not writing your own tweets.

5. Engage with your audience on your behalf

Engagement drives online sales. If you want to be a thought leader online, you must be continuously interacting with people. Your VA can help you to respond to all social media queries, comments etc.

6. Reach out to bloggers to help promote your product/service

The more backlinks your website gets, the higher its ranking. Most people get backlinks by contacting bloggers in their niche. As great as this method is, it’s time-consuming. Outsource this task to a VA.

7. Post ADS on websites

If you need to post a job AD or a social media AD, let a VA do it for you and let her track the analytics. Then, have her report the results plus give ideas on how to improve next time.

8. Sort your emails

Wish you could clear all the junk in your mailbox? Let a VA do this for you. She can create two folders, one for important and one for other. When you log into your mailbox, you can start with the important ones first which will make your life much easier.

9. Order your coffee online every morning

Are you one of those people that must have their cup of coffee every morning? Well, you can outsource this task to your VA to make sure that your coffee arrives on your desk, wherever you are. It will be fun for your VA to discover different coffee houses that deliver to your doorstep and you won’t have to worry about not having your daily dose of caffeine.