Why is continual learning such a BIG part of my life?


Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great”- APJ Abdul Kalam

In my beliefs, life is the best teacher. By continuous learning, your brain will continue to develop which I exciting for me! Why not gain more and more knowledge?  Why not gain knowledge and become the greatest you?

In my line of work, where many years ago Assistants only started with a desk, feather pen, paper, and telegrams working….today we are in the world of “Virtual Assistants”, where we hardly use pens, papers…we probably haven’t met your client face to face yet.

I am going to use the example of Siri before Siri was invented you would have to find it out on your own… do your own search, or turn on your WiFi the “longer” way. Siri was invented by Apple Inc. in 2010 and integrated into the iPhone in 2011. Siri supports a range of user commands; including performing phone actions, checking basic information, scheduling events and reminders, handling device settings, searching the Internet, navigating areas, finding information on entertainment, and is able to engage with iOS-integrated apps. All these things you used to do as a PA for your boss, or for yourself your phone can do it for you?

Everyday inventions like these just develop more and more, urging us as VA’s to develop ourselves to keep up with 1. The “competition” of tech, and 2. To keep up with the new tools and software which can make our lives easier.

Being a Virtual Assistant you never know where the next opportunity may lead.

When going through a hiring process a client will hire you for the skills you have. By learning new skills, you will become invaluable to the client. Your client will appreciate the fact that you kept on learning, especially when that day comes when your client read a new article about this new marketing strategy and he wants you to start to look into it… just think how great it would be if you said, “I can do that OR I know of that”. Wouldn’t that make you invaluable?

Since I become a Virtual Assistant, I have gotten so many messages from my clients asking “Hey, can you do this?” … and so many times I did not have a clue about what she is talking about. BUT I never said No, I cant. I ALWAYS said, “No, but give me a sec. and I will learn”. Because of this, I have gained more clients and some clients gave me more hours as my skill set just kept growing.

I think the biggest thing a client is looking for in a VA is that the VA must be adaptable. With technology and internet that constantly evolves I cannot “afford” not knowing whats coming or be willing not to learn.

Every-time I have learned something new, I was glad I did as somewhere along the line I needed it!

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” W.B. Yeats