All in a day’s work for a Virtual Assistant

Starting your day as a Virtual Assistant can be pretty interesting, especially when you have a few clients with different expectations. The easiest way that I seem to handle this, is by:

Morning Routine

Having a mourning routine is imperative to any individuals, like they say, how you start your day, is how you end your day. So starting with a little gratitude while having your morning tea (I hate coffee, hehehe), can take you a long way ?. I have started on a new journey of having tiny goals for myself daily, yes I have tried this before without any luck, but I have found an amazing program called the Daily Life Planner by Robyn Louise ( ) an inspirational lady / boss women all the way in Australia. I have been following her for a while and absolutely love the program ?

This is followed by a little Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping to let go of unwanted blocks and centers me for the rest of the day, which allows me to connect with who I truly am and the purpose of my life / service I offer to the world.

Prioritize & Check emails

This is usually done before hand on this amazing program call Asana (mini project management tool), where it allows me to keep track of the all the activities, which I schedule with due dates as I am researching or following up on emails. I am an avid fan of Asana, as it allows me the freedom (& my scatter brain) to organize, so I don’t have tons of books or papers around all over the place (also helps with anxiety), knowing when is due at what time…. Blessing in disguise lol

Splitting time between clients and allocated work

This is where the juggling act comes into play, because on some days it can be smooth sailing and things go as planned, others, not so much. For instance, having to juggle between reconciliations (accounting) in the morning and creating content or doing market research in the afternoon, can take a tall on your brain.

Knowing when to separate numbers from design can be a tricky subject. So how can you do this? Simple, I create content when I am inspired, by something that I have watched or by taking a walk outside my “office” space. This usually does the trick and can be really helpful in the long run, strengthens my brain for my future success ?

Exposure & Upskilling

A teacher once said this to our class, they can take away everything you have, but they cannot take away what you have learnt.

This has stuck with me since then, as whatever I learn or upskill at with working with different clients exposes me to a future skill that I can offer to the world. Allowing me to align my goals with the world.

For instance, after having run my own photography business for 7 years, I have learnt how to market to the right client, how to do the books for an SME and how to communicate with clients, all while project managing the tasks at hand. Fun, I know ?

With my most recent clients, I have learnt about the coaching field, landscaping, information technology business and website design services, all which I have helped gain knowledge that can never be taken from me.

So from the wise words of Richard Branson, If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it…