How to create order out of chaos

My love and passion for taking a heap of chaos and organising it into an orderly and neat system has always been a love of mine that extends back to childhood.

In fact, I still try to incorporate order and organisation into any client’s life and business. But it’s more than my warm memories and the great skill and talent I have with administration that makes me want to work for and with clients. As a long-time administration professional, I’m so inspired and excited by the difference I can make to my client’s lives and businesses, and I love being a part of that effort.

As a child, my mom would often lose sight of me in a supermarket and find me in the next aisle busy re-packing the stock items on the shelves. Asked what I was doing, my reply was “tidying up”. All the labels should be facing the front and all the piles need to be neat and tidy. For the first few years of primary school whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, my answer was a shelf packer! That was my way of saying I wanted to organise and create order where other people did not see it and were not interested in doing it.

Well, I have come a long way from wanting to be a shelf packer, but being an admin professional ticks all the boxes for me and I love helping executives and business owners create order in their lives and businesses! Not only does it help make them into highly successful individuals but it also helps their businesses become more successful too, because they now have time to focus on what they are there for – doing business – and they leave the organising and administration to me.

Most executives or business owners come to me as their virtual assistant, not knowing what I can do for them. They often don’t have a list of tasks for me or a checklist of things that must happen, but one thing they all have in common is that their admin is out of control and they have no way of getting a handle on it! That doesn’t faze me in the least, in fact I love it. I systematically start at the beginning and work my way through a set of process and solutions to give them the outcome that they desire. My mind works in systems, lists and processes and that is what makes me feel safe and comfortable. I apply this to their office or business and soon they start to emerge for their administration mayhem.

Being a virtual assistant is the perfect fit for me because I can apply my skills as an admin professional in different businesses and with various clients at the same time and I can see that through my work and support there is a little more order and organisation where I have been – and I love that!