Manage Your Entire Business with these Google Services

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We can really thank technology for a lot of things, one of these being that anyone can grow their business at an affordable cost. Google services, for example, provide an array of solutions for the small business owner. From creating documents to reporting, one can essentially run their entire business with Google.

Here are our top 5 Google services that can help you run your business:

1. Google My Business

The starting point for any business is to first make their services known to the public. You can do this via the Google My Business platform. This platform allows you to show your open hours, phone number, and directions on Google Search and Maps. This makes finding your business and your website easier.

Your listing appears immediately when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google.

To access any of these services, you will need a Google Account which is pretty simple to create.

2. Google AdWords and YouTube ads

With Google Adwords, you can advertise to people as soon as they are searching for similar keywords. What’s great about Adwords is you only pay when someone clicks on your AD or calls your business.

3. G- Suite

G-Suite is where all the magic happens. The suite consists of cloud-based services that help teams collaborate and connect. Here’s a list of some of the services available on G-Suite:

  • Gmail (E–mail)
  • Hangouts (Video conferencing)
  • Calendar
  • Drive (Storage)
  • Docs (Document creation)
  • Sheets (Excel)
  • Forms
  • Slides (Powerpoint)
  • Sites (Collaboratively create high-quality sites for your team, project or event)
  • Admin (Add users, manage security and supervise your whole team)
  • Vault (Archiving solution)
  • Google+ (Engage and connect)
  • Google Cloud (Move your workload to the cloud)
  • Google for Education (For teachers and students)

4. Google for Retail

This is great for retail businesses. It finds shoppers for you and leads them to your website or store. For example, if someone searches “funky socks” on Google, your product images, price and description will show up in a navigation bar called “Shop on Google”. The images are eye-catching and make it easier for people to see what’s on offer. 

5. Website Creation

Google has everything you need to build your business website. You can purchase a domain name for as little as $12 per year and build your website. Google is also the founder of the popular blogging network called Blogger/Blogspot.

With these five Google services, one can easily manage their entire business. Do you need help to set this up? Contact us today!