My Journey as a Virtual Assistant by Chantel Griffin

Being a Woman as a Virtual Assistant

My journey to becoming a Virtual Assistant was quite daunting at the start. Having to research this new “fad” of being a Virtual Assistant on the World Wide Web was no easy task at first.

I applied at various online companies to become a Virtual Assistant. The daunting part for me was how many “make shift” companies there were out there that merely wanted to entrap you into paying THEM money for a service that you are offering.

On the day I got a call from Karen at VA Connect I knew that I had found a brand and Company I wanted to work with. So professional in dealing with their “Partners”. I felt as though Karen REALLY cared for me and was interested in me as a person.

I was VERY nervous in the beginning, although I had 25 years’ experience as a Personal Assistant under my belt. This was a brand new venture for me, being a Virtual Assistant. The concept was still new to me. Karen put my mind at ease and immediately got me started on my journey. I am today VERY proud to be associated with VA Connect. I thank Karen and Albert for giving me the opportunity to represent their brand. I will endeavour to keep the flag flying high in my commitment to offering my Clients the best possible service and efficiency at ALL times.

The word TEAM seems to me to be a very important factor as far as VA Connect is concerned. We are a TEAM of “Partners” that keep the world of “admin” afloat, VIRTUALLY!

The single most important piece of advice I can give to you is, ensure that you do your research as far as being a Virtual Assistant is concerned. Ensure that you TEAM up with a Company that makes you feel part of the “Family” and further more are professional in their approach.

My partnership with VA Connect has been awesome. A little scary in the beginning as I did not quite know the policies and procedures of the Company. However I was quickly set to work.

I thoroughly enjoy receiving tasks from different Clients. The variety on a daily basis is very exciting, never are two days the same. The knowledge I am gaining through this process is insurmountable.

I am driven to provide “top class” performance as a Virtual Assistant. I always strive to be number one, to better myself. After all we are representing the brand VA Connect. Our ever increasing digital society has made the need for Virtual Assistants prevalent.

I enjoy the flexibility of being a Virtual Assistant. I am able to work from anywhere at any time. Technology today allows for this. I am able to take my office with me wherever I go.

I diligently stick to the goals that I have set myself. I remain motivated by my “Team Members” and Management.

In conclusion, I would like to say, that “click” of the button all those months ago has made a HUGE impact on my life and I thank you for that.