My Journey as a Virtual Assistant by Deepti Jarem

As my journey began as a virtual assistant in October 2016, my aim was and still is to assist and empower business owners in building their amazing and inspiring businesses in this wonderful world we live in. Being an entrepreneur myself, from running a wedding photography business to various other businesses, it can be a tough journey of self-discovery and skill growth as we learn the ropes of exchanging services for money, battering as they used to call it.

It was a quite overwhelming searching for clients and putting systems in place for obtaining a new client, I guess that’s why I always got scared. Yes I had the experience and skillset to do the work, but how do you actually sign on a client from scratch, holy crap, a whole different story.

I was searching for virtual assistants in South Africa and came across VA Connect, I sent my CV through and voila, I got signed up on my birthday of all days – thank you universe. The client that I was supposed to work with fell through and I lost a bit of hope, but handed my trust in the universe and viola, 2 weeks later I was able to connect with an amazing entrepreneur / business owner – Rene Brett of Viridian Landscape Architects.

Since working with Rene, I have been able to put my skills to good use, she allows me to use my strengths in growing her business and it has been amazing so far. We have so many projects lined up, it makes me so excited.

My dream of assisting business owners / entrepreneurs grow their business and have that support, is a blessing in disguise for me, as I am able to grow my skillset and get paid for it, all while working in my time and NOT reporting in for work…. YAY – Thank you Universe.