All about VA Connect

Who would have thought that you could be sitting in the comfort of your home and be able to work for someone on the other side of the country or world, for that matter.  How exciting. The very fact that the wonders of modern technology can make this happen is amazing. This is where VA connect comes in, it offers a wonderful opportunity for someone to help others while helping themselves, even if it is only to book a flight or arrange a meeting.

With VA Connect you can learn more skills while working, but clients can be happy in the knowledge that all their business requirements are taken care of while they can devote more time to their own company.

It is a privilege to work with a great band of women who all have the same goals.  We all strive to improve ourselves and to give our clients our very best.

We have the opportunity to improve our skills by using various tutorials and Youtube Videos offered by VA Connect, these are easy to use and very informative.  In fact we are encouraged to use all the different courses to improve ourselves.

We are kept abreast of new and useful apps, happy events and interesting news from all the VA Connect Assistants via Slack.  It’s a lovely way to keep track of everyone and applaud their success and give encouragement, which is great because we can ask for help and there is bound to be a lady that has done whatever it is that you are needing.

As one starts to grow in the Virtual Assistance business one becomes more confident. It is up to you to make a success of this.  Once you have proved yourself, hopefully you will be offered more clients or an opportunity to work with a bigger client.

VA Connect is the way to go !