How to Take a Break from Your Business

We hear ever so often that business people or entrepreneurs wish they could have more time to spend with family or to do things that they love such as hobbies or other recreational activities. Moreover, as much as they would love to take a break they just can’t because their office would fall apart.

In today’s blog post we are going to teach you how to take a break from your business without anxiety.

Step 1: Hire an assistant

The reason you are having anxiety or you feel that your business will fall apart is because you don’t have the right wingman in place. Delegation is key to becoming not only a great business person but a great leader as well.

What can an assistant do for you?

Well, anything you would like her to do really. From general admin to bookkeeping, virtual assistants are well-rounded people with plenty of skills.

Of course, you can’t just delegate to anybody, you need someone you can trust. Someone who has experience in your industry and a track record of successful projects. Contact us if you need a reliable assistant.

Step 2: Develop set processes

Another reason for you always having to be around is because you don’t have set processes in place. If everyone in your office is doing their work in their own manner, saving work in personal laptops and USB’s, using personal emails to conduct their work and simply not conforming to best practices, you have a process issue.

What you need to do is first develop a process. This should include:

  • How the chain moves from the first contact with a prospect to successful sale
  • Who does what?
  • Which programs do they use?
  • Who is responsible for checking the work?
  • Finally, who reports back to you?

Once you and your whole office understand the chain of command and how information moves within the organisation, there will be less havoc if you’re not around.

Step 3: Take your break

Alas! You can now take a well-deserved break. Don’t forget to inform your clients that you will not be around and you have a fully-functional team that will assist them.

Switch off your phone! You will be tempted to read queries from employees while you’re gone – don’t. People have the tendency to ask when they know it will be quicker than just researching on their own. If you let them search for an answer a little bit, your team will be less reliant on you when you return…score!

Enjoy spending time with your family and friends and let us know what you get up to?