My Journey as a Virtual Assistant by Melinda Pennells


Where do I start, I think I have to go back to my “younger” days when I first started working as a Personal Assistant. My passion came from assisting the Executive I worked for. I loved feeling like I was an integral part of the organisation and that they really needed me, I was the right hand “women” to important business men and women and I loved that. Really knowing the ins and outs of the business was exciting, I learnt so much!!

I got to the stage where I wanted to, in a sense “be my own boss”. Although initially when I thought about it, it was daunting, I wondered can I really work like this, will I make sure I get everything done – without someone literally watching over every move I make? Daunting indeed, but I always kept that dream alive… I would often day dream about what it would be like, I thought about how it would give me a little bit more freedom, I wouldn’t have to sit in hours of traffic, if I wanted to spoil myself, maybe sleep in a little. I also kept thinking how it would be a great help to my mom who looks after my two ailing grandmothers, how I would be there to help and assist whenever I could, I thought about my husband coming home to a warm meal on the table after a hard day at work, it really is the little things that make the biggest difference.

I was unbelievably excited to start my journey at VA Connect. When Karen gave me this opportunity I was so thankful, very excited and ready to make everyone I worked for lives so easy they would never want to work with anyone else. I wanted to make VA Connect proud, I wanted them to see my talent and how hard I work, I wanted them to know they were right in making me part of their team. An added bonus was that my dream list was now becoming a reality!

I have been lucky enough to work with amazing people so far, they are so passionate about what they do that it’s hard not to feel the same way. It’s a privilege to work for them! I’m getting the push I needed to expand my skills, I’m learning new things every day and discovering that I’m actually good at it. Its unleashing a new sense of self-worth, and as a result I am more confident. I feel like I can do anything!

Being a Virtual Assistant has made me happy, resulting in me being a more productive person, the excitement I feel daily is such a change. I never thought I would feel this way about the work I was doing, I really am thriving. As I continue on this journey I am convinced that I will continue to grow, to better myself and be all I can be!