My Journey as a Virtual Assistant by Henriette Howell

So this is my story…


I joined the Virtual Assistant world in November 2016; I had this thought of working from home. Since my husband is in construction in made it quite difficult for me to get work. For those of you who do not know the construction world, we move around a lot, from project to project, we never know how long we will be staying where. I am that type of wife who believes to support her husband in every way, being there for him and the family; this made it quite difficult for me to get a job, as my CV was so inconsistent. When I would go for an interview, they would always ask why I change jobs so often. I then have to tell them about my husband career which made us move around a lot, and that does not give anyone a lot of confidence in me, as no one knows how long we will be staying.

I then realized that I would be so much easier to work from home, to be more flexible which will fit perfectly with my husband’s career.

So with this in mind, I Googled Virtual Assistants in South Africa, where I came across VA Connect. At the first glance of their website, I just knew that VA Connect would be the perfect match and that is how my journey to becoming a VA started. Being a Virtual Assistant gave me the opportunity not only to work from home, but from where ever, as long as I have my laptop and internet access. I had no knowledge on being a VA whatsoever, but I learned quickly from the team at VA Connect.

Being a Virtual Assistant gave me the opportunity to develop all my skills and my hobby of designing; websites, information design, logos. I never had the time to enjoy or develop my skills and now with the comfort of working at home I do have time to do these things. In addition, since I am still a young adult, I am still eager in learning every day, to be dead honest I enjoy learning new things, I hate to sit still and not know what to do next it is just who I am.

If I had to think out loud, I would say my best skill would be organizing. Which I believe a great aspect when being a Virtual Assistant. I believe in being truthful, organized, focused and committed. I am highly motivated individual with exceptional organizational skills. I am also committed to achieving great results in the work that I do and I am more than able to work independently and proactively when managing competing priorities.

I now can say with great confidence I am a good Virtual Assistant, still developing every day and that I LOVE being a Virtual Assistant at VA Connect.