How Non-billable Time Affects Your Business

Did you know that if you have full-time employees, 30% of their time is not used towards client work? In any given work week, employees spend some time:

  • Taking coffee or smoking breaks
  • Having lunch
  • Attending meetings
  • Addressing technical faults such as a computer crashing

These activities can easily turn what’s supposed to be a 40-hour work week to a 28-hour one. Would you like to pay an employee a 40-hour salary for only 28 hours of work done?

In this blog, we’re going to give you an alternative – paying for what you get.

How to pay for what you get

The answer is simple, get a Virtual Assistant. Contrary to popular belief, Virtual Assistants are highly skilled and educated individuals who turn to this kind of work for a work/life balance.

With a VA, you can choose to pay only for work done. This means if your employee is taking a break or addressing a technical fault, it does not affect your billable time. The best way is to set up a price per project/task. So, you know that if someone completes XYZ task, you will only pay X amount for it whether it took them five or 10 hours to complete the task.

Total non-billable time=zero

What type of virtual assistants can you get?

There are all kinds of virtual assistants, some who focus on one niche and others who are all-rounders. The better question to ask is, “What kind of tasks can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?”

Below is a list of common tasks that you can outsource to a VA (See more here):

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