To study, or not to study. That is the question.

I’m often paralyzed by the fear of not having the right skills to offer prospective clients. Before I became a Virtual Assistant, I had no idea that the VA industry was such a competitive market, with experienced people in various fields joining every day. I realised once I’d taken the leap into becoming a successful VA, one way to keep up with the growing market was to evolve as a knowledgeable Virtual Assistant who has not only the skills but also the certification to prove it.

Therefore, after much deliberation and procrastination, I undertook the not so easy task of trying to further my “education”, by attempting to complete, no, let me rephrase, start, one of the courses, aptly called Diploma in Business Communication Skills. It’s been sometime since I overtaxed my brain to try and learn something relatively “new”. The very first module stated the following “If you can consider one important step in writing success: Know when you are most productive. If you cannot choose your timing, then dedication and perseverance is required. The job must be completed and the show must go on. Your effort demonstrates self-control and forbearance (as opposed to impatience and procrastination) and implies professionalism,”

“If you wait for the right mood to strike, you will probably never get started at all.

Thinking about improving my skills, made me venture onto the www only to be overwhelmed by many sites that are guaranteed to equip me and any other VA’s with the skills needed to be not only a successful but professional Virtual Assistant. And the effort you take to increase your worth not only stands in your favour but also increases your value to any prospective client.

I read somewhere that there is a basic skill set any Virtual Assistant needs to possess in order to succeed; they are as follows:

  • Word processing skills
  • Computer skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to proofread
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong management skills
  • Internet savvy
  • Motivated
  • Disciplined
  • Technologically savvy
  • Quick thinking
  • Decision-maker

And last but certainly not least: Love of learning

So, there may be many jobs you are qualified to perform, but it also can’t hurt to add further certifications to your resume.

Now you may be asking, what should I be considering in adding to my resume? You may want to contemplate what you already know about the business. If you are adept at writing business plans and marketing your business, then you may choose a training course that only focuses on continuing education to expand that skill set. On the other hand, further certification in a variety of fields is a valuable asset to any Virtual Assistant, as it adds credibility to your resume.

Whatever you decide, be dedicated, have perseverance, maintain self-control and forbearance, but above all be professional!

And while I’m being all that and more (because I can), I’m going to enjoy a large bowl of chocolate ice-cream, with my two beautiful daughters! With extra chocolate sauce on top!

And when I done eating my chocolate ice-cream with extra chocolate sauce, I’m going to continue with my efforts to obtain a Diploma in Business Communication Skills!